Weddings Portfolio

Every wedding I photograph is different because all my couples are so different. Yet my goal at every wedding is the same. I aim to capture the energy and atmosphere of the day and all those moments that highlight the characters and your relationships with your favourite people. This will allow you to relive all the amazing bits of your wedding day (even the ones you missed happening the first time) again and again in the future.

Throughout the Wedding Day, there are so many moments to capture. I often get asked if I do candid. And the answer is yes! Basically, my photographic style for most of the wedding day itself is very much documentary. Only smaller portions are directed, such as group and couple shots, but these still have very free flowing actions. My job is to constantly be watching for moments that happen that you might not be seeing. Children playing, dogs as part of the wedding day, tears and laughter.

Here are some examples of the many natural elements that happen across the wedding day from bridal prep to first dance. So, take a look at the natural documentary-style wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, it is hugely important to know when to capture just natural moments, moments that are not influenced by us. This is around 90% of the wedding day.